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Austin - Hutto - Kyle - Round Rock

Express Glow Facial - $65

40 minutes

The ideal quick pick-me-up treatment designed to exfoliate and restore smooth, healthy skin. The end result is supple, glowing skin in half the time. Includes neck massage. Extractions are not included.

Customized Facial - $105

90 minutes

A facial that uses expert techniques and the appropriate skin care product for your skin type. As your treat your skin, you'll also be treating yourself by relaxing and melting away stress as by indulging in the accompanying neck, arm, hand, back, shoulder, and foot massage. Linda's clients love this one! It's the perfect treatment designed around your own skin care concerns. Extractions are included.

Deep Cleanse Facial and Acne Treatment - $90

60-70 minutes 

A thorough deep cleanse and extraction of clogged pores, blackheads and acne lesions to encourage healing and healthy skin restoration. This treatment may include the use of enzymes, AHAs and other specialty therapies to help restore clear skin.

Deep Moisturizing Facial - $100

60 minutes

This treatment uses a special blend of high quality products for amazing deep moisturizing results. Enjoy an arm, shoulder, neck and back massage as you drift into deep relaxation.

Also available with a microdermabrasion treatment. Click here to see more.

Timeless Peel - $175

60 minutes

This peel is wonderful for removing a layer of dead skin cells. Retinol-based vitamin A nicely smoothes out your complexion. You may see some peeling and pink areas on the skin for a few days... but this peel is worth the results!

Pumpkin Peel - $95

60 minutes

Let this revitalizing enzyme treatment smooth and rejuvenate your complexion. With this micro peeling treatment you will be ready to go out on the town the same evening with glowing skin!

Also available with a microdermabrasion treatment. Click here to see more.